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Vexiom Equity Partners, Inc. 

Vexiom Equity Partners (VEP) is a merchant banking and private equity division which invest in corporate and real estate assets. VEP develop, invest in, and manage privately held companies and real estate assets, working with management and operating partners to enhance the value of acquired and managed assets to generate substantial returns. 

VEP provide our strategic capital, industry insight, global relationships, and operational expertise to drive transformation. We identify companies to make direct or principal investments, uncover value, and enhance their performance to launch new business initiatives, make game changing acquisitions, upgrade technologies and systems, expand working capital, and strengthen balance sheets to support their long-term plans.

Vexiom Equity Partners is separated into these four business segments:

  • Growth Investments: Investments in emerging companies seeking capital to fund growth acquisitions or expansion

  • Managed/leverage Buyouts: Investment with experienced managers to purchase the companies they operate or create a platform for acquisitions of related companies 

  • Distressed/Recapitalization: Investments to facilitate the recapitalization or restructuring of attractive or distressed businesses or real estate

  • Minority Investments: Investing a minority stake in an existing business 

Merchant Banking 
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